How to update value of Purchase Header custom field from Purchase Order (sub)Page

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Hello everyone,

I'm quite new to this field, sorry for the newbie question. I guess the solution will be something trivial.

I Created a new, editable field in the Purchase Header table. I want to let the user set it’s value on the Purchase Order Page (P50), more precisely on the Purchase Order Subpage (P54).

I added a new control to the subpage, set its SourceExpr to "PurchHeader.MyNewField".

However, I just can’t update its value, it remains the default 0.00 as I refresh the page (I’ve turned edit mode on). Why? How could I store the new values of this custom field?

Thank you for any help & advice.

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    jamie89jamie89 Member Posts: 2
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    Thank you for your answer. But I still don't get it... I should see the new value in the Purchase Header table as I hit enter on that field, shouldn't I?

    And how do I push the change to the database? I've tried to use SAVERECORD function in the OnValidate trigger of the new field, didn't work.

    EDIT: I figured out that if I use MODIFY at the OnValidate trigger of the subpage field, it works. But isn't this an ugly solution? I thought that VALIDATE saves the new value of the field.
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