Job Queues - MUST HAVE!

xenosxenos Posts: 10Member
Hello :D
I would like to make a list of smart, important, fantastic uses of the Job Queue.
Lets inspire each other.
What are some of the "MUST HAVE" Job Queues in your daily arsenal?

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  • OldNavDogOldNavDog Posts: 87Member
    You might look into this product. It will do everything above, and much more:

    Plus, in 2017 and above, it is Event-Aware, Multi-Company aware, without falling into the well-known pitfalls, reliability issues, and limitations of the Task Scheduler-based NAV Job Queue.
    Experience is what you get, when you don't get what you want. --Anon.
  • sorenhinrupsorenhinrup Posts: 66Member
    Delete Invoiced Sales Orders
    Delete Invoiced Purchase Orders
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