Multiple NAV Services On One Server - Date Format

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We are two NAV instances running on one server supporting two different countries. We are seeing an issue with downloads performed direct from the NAV Service where the date format is incorrect. Each of our locations has a different date format requirement. Is it possible to change the date format on an individual NAV service or is it dependant on what the server is set to? We are running NAV 2017.




  • PoltergeistPoltergeist Posts: 187Member
    There is no seperate settings for time/date: it looks at the system settings
  • allenyyzhouallenyyzhou Posts: 140Member

    Maybe we have different work around, my experience is date format is decided by the login user’s windows setup(control panel). So, no matter they are accessing which instance, which server, which terminal server, it is decided by the user’s setup in the machine where run the RTC.
  • KeptyKepty Posts: 46Member
    Allenyyzhou - it is not true. The time from end user machine is used only for some client's tasks. The server instance Date/time is important for background processes like job queue, WS, and many more...
    Tomáš Kapitán
  • allenyyzhouallenyyzhou Posts: 140Member

    Sorry, maybe I misunderstanding your question.
    Because you are talking about Date Format, for example, yyyy/mm/dd or mm/dd/yyyy, like I said, depends on user‘ setup.
    If you are talking about Date/Time in Job queue entry, what I found is in version 2017(only from 2017) Timezone of "Starting Time" and "Ending Time" is decided by user who "Set Status to Ready",Because whoever do this, "User ID" will change to that user.
    You can find the information in table 2000000175.
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