Error occurred while post consumption journal of BOM components

Hello guys,

Here's a serious issue for one of our customer that they've faced the error message when they tried to post consumption of components.

After checked by our side, the error came from data setup which they did not setup for the Inventory posting group of parent item(Output item).

We had explained this issues to the customer but they mentioned to the Navision 5.0 that they were able to post consumption of each BOM's components without setup for the Inventory posting group of parent item(Output item) but now they can't make it on latest Dynamics NAV version NAV 2017 (see error in attached) with same configuration and data.

They would like to know the reason why the error came from Consumption Journal not Output Journal screen and they would like to get some reference document from Microsoft to explain the reason and confident that after posted it will not effect to the G/L Account with the wrong costing later.

Is there any reference or document that can make them confident on this change? Please suggest.9yg386nuwxhq.jpg


  • allenyyzhouallenyyzhou Posts: 140Member

    Have they changed the setup, for example, "Automatic Cost Posting", "Automatic Cost Adjustment" in "Inventory Setup"?
    One possible reason is in Navision 5.0, they do not adjust cost in real time, but in 2017, they changed to "Always"
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