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We have setup where NAV is running on server in cloud. Clients are running remote, and webclient is up and running.
A decental warehouse, needs to print item labels.
Wanted solution is to set up a labelprinter at warehouse, and labels to printer using a app.

I see that Bartender has a solution with a webserver etc, which seems a bit overkill in this scenario.
Could a report be made, that generates PDF, which we send to Iphone/Ipad device, and just prints from there directly to network/wifi printer? I tend to think that just sending a PDF to the printer could give us problems with a Brother QL-580N termal printer with label roll.

Any good solutions to this?

Thanks :smile:

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    Customer found another solutioin


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    Hello. In one of our project the web users are printing a label through a report that is saved as PDF . It is working for them.
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    If there is a vpn between cloud and warehouse, you can write directly to label printer from NST.
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  • MaWMaW Posts: 65Member
    Accepted Answer
    Customer found another solutioin
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