Purchase Item (Incl. Item Tracking for Subcomponents)

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Hi there,

i am purchasing an item that consists of serveral subcomponents (a BOM). Those subcomponents can have serial or lot numbers.
When I receive the item, I want to be able to enter serial and lot numbers for the subcomponents so that I can afterwards see which subcomponents were used in my purchased item.

Is it somehow possible?
Do I need to create a production order for this although we are not producing anything?

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    naffnaff Member Posts: 32

    So you are actually purchasing all subcomponents instead of that Item.
    I would suggest:
    1. Create Item A and all sub components like a,b,c,d
    2. Add a,b,c,d as assembly BOM to Item A
    3. Add Item A in purchase line, and click "Explode BOM", or you just insert sub components a,b,c,d manually.
    4. add Item Tracking info for a,b,c,d in purchase and post receipt.
    5. Create an assembly order to convert a, b, c, d to Item A.

    This is a nice solution. Although it might be a little bit too complicated for the end user.
    I am not really familar with "Explode BOM" function in purchase line. But I will look into it.

    Currently I am trying a different approach. I am attaching the information to the Serial No. Information or the Lot No. Information record (assuming our item A uses item tracking). On my Serial/Lot No. Information card I have a subpage now where I can enter information about a,b,c,d.
    This way I can enter the information in my puchase document when receiving the item and I can also look it up later through the Serial/Lot No. Information card.
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    allenyyzhouallenyyzhou Member Posts: 142
    If you do not need to manage the stock of sub components, I think your solution is fine.
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