Delete a record if a field is emptied

siimsandsiimsand Member Posts: 28

How can I assign values to these variables with the VALIDATE function?
Also, if the Author field is emptied or values deleted, how can I delete the record "DefaultDimension"?

Thanks in advance.


  • lubostlubost Member Posts: 607
    I think that you try to use dimensions wrong way:
    - code for inserting Author as a dimension value missing.
    - where your Author OnValidate trigger resides?
    - your solution is not portable to higher NAV versions.
    - never delete dimension values due to analysis by dimensions standard functionality.
    - you can use Author as a dimension in the standard way (with your code to use as default dimension), but never delete it as a dimension value when you use it in posting.
    - I recommend to use dimensions in standard way and/or use Author functionality away from dimensions.
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