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Hello -

I am working with a client on a real-time Siebel integration, and we are leaning towards using BizTalk to help with the communications. In the first phase, we will by Syncing things like the customer and contact tables (addresses, etc.)

We have been researchign BizTalk and have taken an intro-to-BizTalk class. They talk alot about Adapters or Connectors to other systems (i.e. SAP, etc.) in their materials. I get the impression that these are canned / boxed setups of BizTalk that make it much easier to talk to another system.

Does Navision specifically have a BizTalk connector / adapter? I read about the Commerce Gateway which works with BizTalk in order to share EDI / XML documents (i.e. purchase orders, etc.) Does this mean that Comm Gateway has a connector / adapter included? Is it that modular, even though we are not moving documents specifcally?

Any input on any of the points above would be most helpful.



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    Commerce Gateway comes with a Biztalk connector, and some predefined 'standard' document definitions. Using this functionality, you could easily expand on the system and add your own 'documents' or data structures to the system.

    We've done a crude Navision to MS-CRM connector a few years back using the CG Biztalk adapter, and it worked really well.

    Now I would probably go with a more direct way for that, since there is an SDK for MS-CRM that we could use without having to go through Biztalk. If Siebel has an SDK you may want to think about that, or even take the CG concept and create your own custom solution.

    There's tons of possibilities :)
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