Is it possible to update the "record" with the latest data?

MarcusRBMarcusRB Member Posts: 40
I'm using Nav 2013 RoleTailored Client.

I have a table called "SharePoint Links", which, if you didn't guess it already, contains links.

I have one page to show these links, and one to manage them.

Let's say that one user decides to add a new link. A second user already has the page that displays the links open, this user will not be able to see the link that the first user just added. I would like for the second user to be able to click a refresh button and then be able to see the latest contents of the table.

Is that possible in NAV? Can I have the page record be refreshed (populated with the latest data from the table)?

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    DuikmeesterDuikmeester Member Posts: 304
    edited 2017-12-19
    On the page there is a property called RefreshOnActivate which defaults <No>.
    Setting this to Yes should show the new record without too much delay.
    Also every page should have a Refresh button itself.
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