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nostrannostran Member Posts: 106

just wanted to know if anyone has worked on a bonus item thingy.

like when a specific customer orders a qty of a specify product X, the latter gets 2 product Y, with other parameters such as start date, end date etc.



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    IDPartnerIDPartner Member Posts: 6
    Have you tried using Inventory BOM? If A is normal item, create ABonus as BOM consisting of A only. Then use BOM journal to move quantities from A to ABonus as needed.
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    ecclecticecclectic Member Posts: 176

    using the bom wouldn't really work. what i'm thinking of is defining a bonus item template that works a bit like the price list...
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    IDPartnerIDPartner Member Posts: 6
    Thanks ecclectic for the suggestion. Could you elaborate on bonus item template and price list?. And why would using inventory BOM not work? Price of bonus item is zero. Items can be moved from and to bonus item using item journal positive and negative adjustments. Reporting and accounting of bonus is also taken care of. The problem I can think of is additional work defining all the bonus items.
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    Marije_BrummelMarije_Brummel Member, Moderators Design Patterns Posts: 4,262
    You can contact Qurius in The Netherlands. They have a certified add-on for this problem.



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