WebService reference not updated in .Net

Bogdan9119Bogdan9119 Member Posts: 14
I have a NAV page published as a webservice but the client .NET app can't update the Reference.cs file which contains definitions for all classes, enums, fields, etc from the webservice. In Visual Studio I tried updating the web references but still no help. For example there is the following enum definition in Reference.cs:

public enum WarehouseShipmentList_Fields {

/// <remarks/>

/// <remarks/>



At the bottom of the enum there should be the value:
/// <remarks/>

... but it's not appearing, although when loading the page through the browser it shows the missing field (see the attached screenshots). Can you please help?


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    AdrianAkersAdrianAkers Member Posts: 137
    Looking at it though it looks like it is showing it as an integer field and not an option field in the webservice description screenshot. Therefore it is expecting a basic integer value. It looks like the page is not exposing as a pick list as such. What is the type of the field in the table? For example, in your web service Sorting Method is showing correctly as option field.
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