Nav 2016 - Installation problem (SQL Server instance exists but....)

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I'm facing problem with nav 2016 installation. I've just installed new SQL Server and next I wanted to install NAV 2016 on that. The question is about Server Instance, I don't want NAV to install Sql 2014 express just use that server which I installed previously (2016). I'm leaving the Sql Server Instance field empty to use the default instance (MSSQLSERVER) but after pressing Apply I'm getting an error:


Can you guys help me somehow? I don't want to install 2014 because I'm facing some .NET 3.5 issues and I can't even install that; 2016 and the 4x framework works correctly.


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    Hi @Kermii ,
    1. Can you connect to your SQL server using SQL Server Management Studio?
    2. What is your SQL Server port? Maybe, it's different from default?
    Let's go!
  • KermiiKermii Member Posts: 14
    @logger thanks for your response

    1. Yes I can connect to Management Studio, I've checked Security logins, roles for both:
    - my user (set to public/ sysadmin
    - Authority System (set on public only)

    2. nrkhiy127nmb.png
    Probably this is default once (1433)
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    @Kermii ,
    Next step - is your NAV installation on the same PC where SQL installed? If not, have you checked the firewall rules?
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  • KermiiKermii Member Posts: 14
    @logger I made some changes in firewall/ restart the system and finally I was able to start installation but I don't know why NAV was still installing sql 2014 - few errors has appeared, mainly about .NET framework 3.5 /2.0 - which is not installed on my machine and it cannot be (having the 4x version).... SQL Server Instance name field was empty (default was connected to SQL 2016)....arrrr...

    Anyway can I install NAV without having the .NET (2 /3.5)? That's why I'm forcing that to use SQL 2016
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    Untick the demo database in your setup, and create it manully by restoring backup which can be found on installation DVD
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    @Kermii ,
    I'm not sure about skipping .NET installation as it's prerequisite. Maybe, someone else who is more experienced in NAV installations can sey in more confidentally.
    But as I see, NAV 2016 system requirements don't include SQL Server 2016 ( so, maybe, installation just doesn't recognize it.
    Let's go!
  • KermiiKermii Member Posts: 14
    I will try to install .NET first, let see. I will give you info about the progress, thank you guys!
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    I tried your configuration when Microsoft launched SQL Server 2016 and I got the same error. It seems that NAV 2016 does not recognize SQL Server 2016 instance.
    Notice that I did this test last year. I don't know if NAV 2016 supports SQL Server 2016 now!
  • RocheTRocheT Member Posts: 7
    In case someone encountered this again, just search for SQL Server Configuration Manager then enable the TCP/IP

    then right-click your server and select restart, now try installing again and it should work
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