Force posting even if inconsistency error

poppinspoppins Member Posts: 647
Hi everyone,

Is there a way to force posting even with an inconsistency error?
I know it is not the best way to do things but I know which value is causing the problem and I will be able to correct it manually once the document is posted.
I am investigating the code but I am running out of time and I need like a last resort solution :(

Thanks in advance :)


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    mohana_cse06mohana_cse06 Member Posts: 5,504
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    Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Member Posts: 1,690
    If you know which value is causing problem you should know how it has been created, therefore you should know how to fix it.

    If you don't know that how can you be sure that you know all the places where the figure causing incosisteny could go? In consequence how you will be able to correct incorrect amount manually?

    Better focus on solving the root cause of the problem, and not on how to let the s..t hit your ledgers.

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