NAV-CRM Intergration - Synchronisation of NAV Textfields into Lookup Fields in CRM

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Hello lovely community,

im playing around with CRM Online and the connection to NAV right now and one thing i cant seem to understand is how to synchronise Code/Text fields into CRM fields that are lookups on other CRM tables.
Let's say I have 2 Tables: "School" and "Teacher" both as normal NAV Tables and CRM Integration Tables. Each Teacher has a "SchoolID" in which he works. The problem is that the field "SchoolID" in the base "Teacher" table is a Code field. But if you create a CRM Integration table using "New-NAVCrmTable", then 1 CRM Field with a Table Relation creates 2 NAV Fields in the Integration Table. These are Guid and a flowfield. What I dont understand is how you synch the Code Field "SchoolID" from my base NAV Table into the GUID Fields in the integration Table.

Using NAV 2016.
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