Application Builder modifying T81

When trying to modify T81 with a customer licence with App Builder I get the error message that I am not allowed to write in the Data Exchange Field table. Yes T81 has modification rights on that table largely because in OnDelete deletes relevant links there. Except... that when with the very same licence I run the Data Exchange Field table I can manually modify it. Wut?


  • Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Posts: 962Member
    Apart from TableData Data Exch. Field=rimd permissions defined on T81 shouldn't you have an indirect permissions to Data Exch. Field as well?
  • Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Posts: 1,491Member
    Nope, but my T81 is directly imported from an add-on (i.e. overwrote the uncustomized table with it) so it could be that they removed that. But it is still not clear why a customer licence with an App Builder would have this issue when directly writing the table works with it, besides, there are no good reasons to make that table write protected to begin with.

    Hm, I should probably test the standard table. But at any rate just what could cause such a behavior?
  • Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Posts: 962Member
    I have just checked my (user) license and indeed T1221 is listed with full R and Indirect IMD...
    There are no good reasons, but..
    On the other hand how could you modify it manually then?
  • Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Posts: 1,491Member
    Ah you mean in the licence, not in the table. I have all tabledata with full insert not just indirect from 285 to 100009, this is why the error message makes no sense.
  • BlackTigerBlackTiger Posts: 1,045Member
    This is classic NAV's "licensing hell". Some fields in standard T81 object are "protected" by company developed an add-on.
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