Update ClickOnce Version by Replacing Deployment Files with New CU files


how do we update the clickonce clients?

Right now we have clickonce packages on a server xxx.yyy/customer/clickonce/ClickOnceDeploymentFiles/ ...

We know we need to make the new client files available, So that when the User open his ClickOnce the Client will be updates to the new Version. but how?
What I tried till now (2 different ways):
First Way:
- I replaced the .../Deployment/Applicationsfiles folder with the neu CU deployment Files. But I didn't replace the manifest!
- I also updated the manifest version No. with the new Bulid no.
- Also I made the required minim version to be

When the user open his click once is starts normally & nothing happens :(

Second Way:
I made a new installation for the new Bulid + I renamed the new Folder to have the same name like the old deployment folder + I deleted the old Deployment folder!
When the user open his click once it gave back an error & it cannot start the client, I have to install ClickOnce then it will work! --> I want to avoid this

So can anyone tell me please how can I make Clickone to update it self once the user open it? We have almost 50 user which uses clickonce, I donot want to make a new deployment! coz if i did so i have to deinstall the old client and reinstall the new client on 50 Pcs.


  • Mohamed_ZayedMohamed_Zayed Posts: 35Member
    Update Steps
    > I managed it :)

    Phase 1 (New installation CU xx):
    - Make new installation/Deployment Folder with name CU XX

    Phase 2 (Update Old installation):
    - Copy all files from Deployment folder (From New CUxx) EXCEPT!! (Config Files Datei)
    - Past the File in the Old installation deployment folder!

    Phase 3 (Submainfest):
    - !!!!!!!!!!!!Start Mageui as ADMINSTRATOR!!!!!!!
    - Modify the Sub-mainfest Version to = “new version Code 9.0.0.xxx”

    - Load the New Files a gain in the MainFest

    - Save & Close the SubMainfest

    Phase 4 (Mainfest):
    - Modify the main Mainfest
    . Version = New version No.
    . Least version = New version Code
    . Load the Submainfest Files again

    - Safe the certificates!
    - Start Your Cliernt
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