Filtering a page web service

Hello, I am wondering if what I am trying to accomplish here is possible. I have a listpage that uses USERID to set different filters on the page and this is done on the OnOpenPage() trigger.
I then exposed this page as a webservice and would like to do a similar sort of filtering, but pass an ID as a parameter instead of using USERID. Is there a good way to interact with the page here to set this filter before calling the read_muliple function that the web service offers? I've taken a look a extending the page webservice with a codeunit but from what I can tell this only provides me with a hook to manipulate a specific record, and not the page itself.


  • nick_robbonick_robbo Posts: 49Member
    edited 2017-12-06
    I'm not sure if this will work, but have you tried just exposing a codeunit as a Web Service, which contains a Global Function to set the filters on the page, and then contains another Function to run the page with the filters you set in the previous call (save the filters as global variables).
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