Add sorting to name field on a customer dropdownlist

mtlmonkmtlmonk Posts: 39Member

How can you add sorting to the name field in a customer dropdownlist? Seems to only filter and not sort? Is sorting even possible?


  • RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Posts: 730Member
    Did you tried achieving this by custom code on Lookup instead of standard dropdown that comes up via Table relation?
  • mtlmonkmtlmonk Posts: 39Member
    What I mean is on the dropdownlist, to pick a value, how can you enable sorting on the fields?
  • RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Posts: 730Member
    Which version are you talking about??

    As per my knowledge you have dynamics sorting on column name on dropdown list, for eg. if you open Sales Order and navigate to Line items and on Dropdown to No. Column you have the flexibility to sort on any of the column.

    Let me know if still I am in Wrong direction.
  • mtlmonkmtlmonk Posts: 39Member

    Example: You're creating a sales order and pickup a customer from the sell-to customer no. field.

    The dropdownlist will show No., Name, Adress etc. When that is open, would like to be able to sort the list by Name by clicking, not displaying it by default, just like when you view the customer list, you can click on the header row and it will sort
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