Post and Print prints twice

wolfuliumwolfulium Member Posts: 30
Hey everyone,

we are getting a weird issue with the post + print CU.
On a sales order, we click on Post and Print button on the actions tab in the ribbon. It will print the document. THEN it will pull up the request page and then print again.

This is an upgrade from an older version of nav to Nav2017. We are using CUpdate 10 (I believe) and there is nothing that I can find in the CU80 or 82 that would trigger it to print twice.

Anyone have any suggestions or questions?


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    RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Member Posts: 1,139
    So it's all a standard Code OR you have added your custom code too in Posting Routine of Sales Order?? Just trying to figure out there is no any custom code which is letting this happen anyhow.
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    JuhlJuhl Member Posts: 724
    Is it the same doc?
    A salesorder does print twice, a shipment and a invoice.
    Maybe shipment report selection is set to invoice report?
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    wolfuliumwolfulium Member Posts: 30
    @Juhl that would be interesting. But the culprit was much much simpler.

    There was custom code from the client that I did not know about that printed.

    Rip for wasting everyone's time.
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