Why adding data items in the Dev environment affects my report layout?

Brax007Brax007 Posts: 12Member
Hi everyone,

I keep find my report layout changed whenever i add data items or data sets in the dev environment. For example, when i add a block of datasets i find and exra blank page on my report when i run it. What's the correlation between this too?
Thanks in advance.


  • vaprogvaprog Posts: 835Member
    Not sure what you mean by "add ... data sets in the dev environment". But anyway, if you add a DataItem, you likely cause the dataset to have additional rows. You might therefore have to adjust filter expressions and visibility properties in the RDLC layout. If you don't, one of two things are likely to happen:
    • Some data rows are displayed more than once
    • You get empty lines
  • pleachim@outlook.com[email protected] Posts: 24Member
    You need to go a bit deeper into this.
    As vaprog wrote you likely will have some empty rows printed.
    To investigate this I would recommend you to use some background color in your rows or also borders will do .
    I guess you want get any better solution without showing your code/report to reproduce.
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