Sales Blanket Order - fully invoice at start?

jonathanchyejonathanchye Posts: 20Member
Hi all,
What's the best method to fully invoice a Sales Order and then create multiple shipments as required by customer to fulfil the order in NAV?
I've had a look at the Sales Blanket order functionality which seems to be best suited for the task but not too sure about the invoicing process as I believe it's only possible invoice what's shipped/called off from the blanket order?
What I have in mind is to create a Sales Order for the full quantity and amount, ship all to a special location (non-reservable, zero value) and fully invoice the customer. For each call off transfer stock from this location and reserve against the Sales Order, only charging delivery + storage charges and the item line with quantity shipped and 100% discount.
Is there a slicker or better way to handle this?
Many thanks!

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  • jonathanchyejonathanchye Posts: 20Member
    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the current version is classic but we are upgrading soon to 2017/18.
  • AKAK Posts: 190Member
    Prepayments were introduced in 5.0 IIRC, so using classic client isn't neccessarily a dealbreaker.
  • jonathanchyejonathanchye Posts: 20Member
    edited 2017-12-06
    Interesting. From quick google didn’t look like it’s supported but I’ll have a proper look :) Current NAV is actually NAV 4.0 with 09 executables.
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