Problem with load a NavBarcode DLL

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Hello guys I've a problem with barcodes
I've a function that loads a barcode but isn't work..NAV Tell me this message


The code:

LOCAL CreateBarCode(EncodeMe : Text[1024];VAR TempBlob : TEMPORARY Record Item)
TempBlob.INIT; // Init a new temp record
TempBlob.Picture.CREATEOUTSTREAM(stream); //Get a outstream from the blob to use to save the barcode image
Image := Barcode.CreateBarcode(EncodeMe,600,150,'right', 'ITF-14', FALSE,'RotateNoneFlipNone','BOTTOMRIGHT'); //generate a barcode image with the given settings
//Image := Barcode.CreateBarcode(EncodeMe,300,150,'center', 'Code 128', TRUE,'RotateNoneFlipNone','BOTTOMCENTER'); //generate a barcode image with the given settings
Image.Save(stream,ImageFormat.Bmp); //Save the image to the stream connected to the Tempblob , in the BMP format
TempBlob.INSERT(); //Save the record

Were i can load the dll, Could anyone help me? Thanks.

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