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tguptatgupta Member Posts: 86
Hi All,
The problem is as follows
I did some modifications in deposit slip to get the bank account name from the lines to show on the top .So i had to define another dataitem of general journal lineon the top so as just to get thebank account name from the lines on the cash receipt journal.
The consequence of which is it dows not the set the table view correctly as it does in the default report of deposit slip for Journal template and journal batch .

Now my report looks like
DataItem Name
Gen. Journal Line GeneralJournalLine
Gen. Journal Line <Gen. Journal Line>

Now the first dataitem is just for getting the bank account name not a problem .

Now i want when my report is run it shud set the the table view on the second dataitem for journal template and journal batch as it does in the default .
Any suggestion for it is highly appreaciated .

Many Thanks,


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    csimoneauxcsimoneaux Member Posts: 168
    If you want to have the second Dataitem to sort & filter based on what is in the first data item, then you must indent the second dataitem to the first and then in the properties of the second dataitem make sure Link is set properly. This is basic report writiing. Do you have your training manual? You might want to reread this section.
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    tguptatgupta Member Posts: 86
    Hi csimoneaux,
    Thanks for the Reply but i think u did not read the problem i had .I know what u talking about but my problem is different .Run the report from the cash receipt journal and u will find it what i am talking about .Secondly i dont want to indent the second dataitem to the first .

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    AlbertvhAlbertvh Member Posts: 516
    Hi Tarun
    Maybe best to use an Integer DataItem and a variable for GenJnlLine and
    on the code of the the Integer get the GenJnlLine record eg

    GenJnlLine.COPYFILTERS("Gen. Journal Line");

    Hope this will sort out your problem.
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