Posting error with SQL

kmkaotkmkaot Posts: 213Member
Dear all,

When I try to post I am getting error related to SQL. When I run DBCC function in SQL, it is showing error table sysobjvalue which tells there are duplicate keys on the table. Now I am unable to access the table.
anyone have idea, please help me
warm regards


  • loggerlogger Posts: 125Member
    Hi @kmkaot ,
    As I got, you have duplication in primary key in sysobjvalue table? Can you make e.g. select in SSMS for this table?
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  • kmkaotkmkaot Posts: 213Member
    I could not see the table. in select syntax.
  • loggerlogger Posts: 125Member
    @kmkaot ,
    could you attach a screenshot with error?
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  • kmkaotkmkaot Posts: 213Member
  • lubostlubost Posts: 486Member
    I experienced that debugging code with events can cause debugger failure with various kind of errors. Also setting breakpoint in event subscriber shuts down debugger. It is possible that something wrong in my installation. Suggestions:
    1. G/L Entry permission
    2. G/L Entry consistency
    3. G/L Entry reindex
    4. Some hanged process which holds locks
    5. Some background process interferes to your process
  • kmkaotkmkaot Posts: 213Member
    any solution for me please..
  • kmkaotkmkaot Posts: 213Member
    i could resolve the issue.

    using dbcc i repaired and later RE INDEX
  • bbrownbbrown Posts: 3,092Member
    If you ran DBCC with "Allow Data Loss", be sure to review the table for missing data. With this setting, the "repair" can involve any bad records being deleted.
    There are no bugs - only undocumented features.
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