Another NAV2017 cumulative update 12 AU issue

KarenhKarenh Member Posts: 209
I had to completely uninstall and reinstall the NAV server and client so I could run the Demo database, and everything is updated.

But I cannot then access the company's database. I cannot run it from the NAV Server: I get an error (seen in event viewer) that it must be converted. In the development environment NAV2017CU12, running as administrator, I open the company database, am prompted to convert, I click on yes, then I get an error that I do not have permission to delete from the G/L Entry table. The service account and my account are both db_owners of the company database.

Why is it deleting from the G/L Entry table anyway?

So I cannot run the database until I convert it, and I cannot convert it. Also I get an error when I attempt to import the new version of table objects, that it cannot find the instance, so I cannot import the objects.

Slawek warned me that I would not be able to access my old database with the new client. I still have the NAV2017 software on the drive, so I can access the database with the development environment using that finsql.exe. But it doesn't really help. I cannot find in the upgrade codeunit where it even uses the G/L Entry table.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Member Posts: 1,690
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    A quick fix - uninstall everything again on the NST server an install back the old version. Your CU12 Demo will stop working, but at least production DB will work. Once you have production up and runnig you will have time to find a way to install two NST servers with different CU level side by side

    What you are trying to do, converting the database by opening it in CU12 Dev Env is called a technical upgrade You should normally perform this on a test database and run some tests to make sure all works as it should, before converting production db.

    If you are committed to converting the production database to CU12 be aware that:

    1 - there is no way back - once converted database cannot be converted back to older version.

    2 - the converted database can only be open by upgraded clients - the new CU12 RTC client will have to be installed/upgraded on every PC. (For users using web client it makes no difference as the web client has been already updated when you installed new CU12 on the NST server)

    Make sure to make full database backup right before converging it to the newer version.

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    KarenhKarenh Member Posts: 209
    Thanks Slawek. Fortunately we are still testing. The production system is in an earlier version.

    I don't know what the upgrade process for cumulative update 12 does. The change log does not indicate anything significant to the data (unless I missed it).

    Do you know what the data changes are? Or where I could find that?
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    KarenhKarenh Member Posts: 209
    Thanks Slawek. It is not a technical conversion as I have updated the objects. I have looked through the release notes for the CU and do not see any significant change - and nothing to the G/L Entry table. I will watch for comments in the future as others install CU12.
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