NAV90 Clickonce Report Generation Error


Seeking assistance on my Concern in Clickonce:Dynamics Nav 2016

Concern: Unable to Preview or Print Report (Ex. Trial balance)
Upon Performing Preview/ Print Report. Dynamics Nav suddenly Close and Have Error Msg : The Server was unable to process the request. The Application will be close.

Note: RTC and Web Client - Preview and Print Report works Fine
Error Appear after we Renew the Certificate.

Check DB Owner
Restart Service Instance

Thanks for the Assistance.

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  • Dominique020112Dominique020112 Posts: 13
    Accepted Answer
    It's Being Resolve

    Action Taken: Recreate Clickonce and perform Mage



  • Dominique020112Dominique020112 Posts: 13Member
    Hope you can assist me on my query. This will be a great Help :)
  • TrippyZTrippyZ Posts: 85Member
    Anything interesting in the Event Logs of the server or the client?
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