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wolfuliumwolfulium Member Posts: 30
Client asked for defaults to be added when you pick a resource.

in the No. validation method:
{-- code to get pricing info --}
VALIDATE("Unit Price", priceVariable);
{-- end of code to get pricing info (loops and if statements no need to display) --}

VALIDATE("Quantity", 1);

{-- code that was already in the No. Validate method--}
IF xRec."No." <> '' THEN

however when I am running the code - it does not update the totals and balances flowfields of the subform until I change the quantity manually in the subform or add a new line. It does not seem to update off the validation.

Thank you ahead of time


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    allenyyzhouallenyyzhou Member Posts: 142

    I suggest you adding your code in Table object, and even better to use event to subscribe "OnAfterValidateEvent" of "No." in "Sales Line" table.
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