how to change language?

dallousdallous Member Posts: 2
Hello sir,
I am new to the forum. I hope you enjoy yourself.
I have come to your help,
I have a concern with the language change of Dynamics NAV 2016.
 to change language English to French.

thank you in advance


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    ErictPErictP Member Posts: 164
    I don't know how the instalation of the client is done, but it seems that no other languages are installed.
    If you have the instalation-files, try to locate the directory .DVD\Installers\'LanguageCode'\RTC and run the RoleTailoredClient.Local.LanguageCode.msi
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    KishormKishorm Member Posts: 921
    You need to install the French language module, see the following for more info...

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    dallousdallous Member Posts: 2
    Hi, thank you for your help. I followed the steps but I still can not.
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    GauravwadhwaGauravwadhwa Member Posts: 4
    Start the Microsoft Dynamics 365 web application. You’ll need a System Administrator security role or equivalent privileges for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 organization that you want to provision a Language Pack for.

    Go to Settings > Administration.

    Click Languages to open the Language Settings dialog box. Here you’ll see each Language Pack installed in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployment, with a check box to the left of each listed Language Pack

    For each Language Pack that you want to provision (enable), select the check box next to it. For each Language Pack that you want to unprovision (disable), clear the check box.

    Click Apply.

    Click OK on any confirmation dialog boxes that open.
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