Downgrading Web Service Request Mgt. codeunit

clemboclembo Member Posts: 122
I'm working on 2013 version. I need to call an external web service.
On 2015 version there is a code unit to solve this. So I decide to importo object in previous version.

I need:

CU1290 (missing in my version)
CU1291 (missing in my version)
CU1292 (missing in my version)
CU6224 (merge for missing code)

But when I try to compile 1291 code unit there was some error:

First of all Collect function


In my version GETLASTERROROBJECT was missing.

Second in GetToType Function this code cause an error:

IF Type.Equals(Exception.GetType) THEN

"The call is ambiguous between the following method

There is a way to workaround this error an use new object?
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