Item Ledger dimension not carrying through to sales order

NoelineNoeline Posts: 45Member
Hello fellow navvers

In Navision classic version 5 when a serialized item is brought into stock, the dimensions are automatically carried over on the entry when the stock goes out. This is not happening on NAV 2017. So items come in with all their dimensions specified on the entry, but when they are shipped, the dimensions need to be entered AGAIN. Problem is the user shipping, has no idea what those dimensions were/are.

Is this a setup issue? Could it be something I am doing wrong, or has this changed in NAV 2017?

Any inputs highly appreciated.

Regards - Noeline


  • vivek4121vivek4121 Posts: 164Member
    You mean to say Default dimensions of Items?
  • NoelineNoeline Posts: 45Member
    When the item is brought into stock the dimension value is entered for that entry, and will vary from one entry to the next, for the same item. When the item goes out, I need it to use the same values as when it came in.
  • lubostlubost Posts: 492Member
    It is not standard functionality (and in NAV 5 was not too). Generally, shipment can be applied to several inbound entries with different dimensions
  • NoelineNoeline Posts: 45Member
    These items are serialized, and it IS currently working that way in NAV 5. When a pallet comes in it is assigned dimension values, which is the vessel trip number, and when it goes out, NAV uses those same values again.

    It may have something to do with the fact the the NAV 5 is using warehouse entries as well. Will check that out.
  • lubostlubost Posts: 492Member
    In standard NAV usin warehouse entries does not deal with applying by dimensions. You probably have some customization to apply by dimensions. You have to reinvent this functionality because it can coincide with FIFO/LIFO approach.
  • hopesureshhopesuresh Posts: 1Member
    Please explain in details on NAV version 5.
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  • NoelineNoeline Posts: 45Member

    We have a client on NAV 5 that carries serialized pallets in the warehouse. Costing method is Specific. When the pallets are brought in to inventory, they are assigned a 'trip no' dimension. When they are sold or removed, the system automatically carries that same dimension value over to the sale/journal entry. There is no customization to update or assign the dimension. It just happens that way. Based on that I relied on NAV 2017 working the same way for a different customer also with serialized pallets, but it does not.

    I don't know if it is a setting, or if NAV 2017 just behaves differently. I suspect it's the latter.
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