Error while posting the Item consumption through Journal

vivek4121vivek4121 Posts: 164Member
Hi All,

we have a scenario, wherein when an Item A has been posted via Purchase, there were 5 default dimensions (with Value Code as mandatory) which was posted. After that the default dimensions on Item A has been updated from 5 to 8.

Now when user tries to post the consumption of same Item A (negative adj. from Item Journal) with 8 default dimension (with value code as mandatory), he is getting the error that the "dimension value code does not exist on G/L Account xxxxxxx"

Anyone can help in this case, what will be the possible solutions to resolve this now.
As user does not wants to update the default dimensions now on Item A.

Thanks in advance.


  • sorenhinrupsorenhinrup Posts: 86Member
    Does the G/L Account have a mandatory dimension value for one of the dimensions? Is the value different from the item you are trying to post?
  • vivek4121vivek4121 Posts: 164Member
    Yes the G/L Account have a mandatory dimension value for dimensions and the value is different from the Item as well.

    When I further tried to debug the problem the debugger left me at attached screen shot.
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