OData Connected Services VS2017 End Points Error

xenosxenos Posts: 14Member
Hi guys.
I have published a web service OData and it works fine .xml and all is good.
I’m going to Visual Studio to develop an APP, which will use this data.
First off I can't, as I normally would, go to references and add a service reference.
Now we have to use the OData connected Services. No big deal... Just to to tools and install O data Connected Services V1-4.

When I want to add this newly installed OData connected and i come to the point where i have to add the OData end-point link.
I get an error: Cannot Connect.
This is not much info! I'm guessing it's because the service is username/password protected. And when I'm trying to access the link through web browser
I'm prompted to enter username/password.
Does anyone know what to do about this? How to i tell my connected service that i want to enter credentials? Is this the problem at all?
PS. I have no way of turning the username/password option off.
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