Suggest Vendor Payment returns no result

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Dear All,
Please assist in finding solution to this issue:
We are just about to start using the NAV feature "Suggest Vendor Payment" batch job.
We ran the batch job setting the field "Last Payment Date" to Today's date (current date), however none of the due and open posted invoices were suggested by the batch job.

I would appreciate your support.


  • HannesHolstHannesHolst Member Posts: 119

    It is necessary to have Vendor Ledger Entries which are due soon or have a possible discount.
    Here you find further information:
  • sheyi09sheyi09 Member Posts: 4
    Yes HannesHolst, there are lots of vendor ledger entries which are due ("Due Date" much earlier than today), and they are all Open, and none is On Hold. However, none of them is populated on the payment journal by the batch job.


  • HannesHolstHannesHolst Member Posts: 119

    I can't help you any further.
    Normally, I would start the debugger now.
    It must be a setup.
  • sheyi09sheyi09 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks HannesHolst.
    Still searching for solution.
  • KishormKishorm UKMember Posts: 921
    Check to see if you have any filters on the DataItem.

    Also check if payments have been created on a different payment journal as these may have been applied to the open vendor ledger entries.
  • sheyi09sheyi09 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks Kishorm.
    I've just checked and deleted all payment journals, yet no result.
    I'm trying to consult a NAV consultant here to help out.
    I'll appreciate any other advice. Thank you.
  • KishormKishorm UKMember Posts: 921
    Check that the "Applies-to ID" is blank on the Vendor Ledger Entries, you may need to go into the "Apply Entries" page from the Vendor Ledger Entries to be able to see the field.
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