Residual "Surplus" in the Reservation Entry Table(Table 337)

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Is there a process to delete "Surplus" reservation entries from the Reservation Entry Table without going into Table 337? The Sales Orders have been fully shipped and invoiced and are no longer open. I ran the Data Deletion to confirm the Sales Order no longer exists. However if I go to the Item Journal to do an adjustment and I drill down on the Lot # List I see a Lot # with a quantity of -.002.

When I look at Table 337 - Reservation Entries I have hundreds of entries with quantities of -.0045, -.001, etc. I can delete these from the Table however it seems like the end user should be able to delete these.

The residual amount exist due to a Unit of Measure conversion from the Base UOM to the Sales UOM.


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    No there isn’t a process to do that because you should never need to do it. I suspect you have some bespoke code which is causing this problem. You’ll need to get that fixed and create a codeunit/report to delete your incorrect entries in table 337.
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    Thank you.
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    I also experienced this situation with standard codes as well in Dynamics NAV 2017, that Surplus Reservation Type records were left-over by the system, and so this caused a negative value in "Total Available Quantity" field, on Page 6500 Item Tracking Summary.

    I have already checked CU34 for any solutions regarding Reservation Management objects, but didn't find anything, do you have any news or patches/fixes available for this?

    I also experienced, that the Item Ledger Entry table's Remaining Quantity field is not always updated correctly and so the summarized value of Quantity differs from the summarized Remaining Quantity on the same Item in the same Location.

    Any suggestions or advices I can move forward on?

    Thank you in advance,

    Best regards,

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