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PhoenixCNCPhoenixCNC Member Posts: 12
We had a 1 month period in which we had negative adjustments being made without a corresponding Positive adjustment. We were splitting lots at the point of Purchase Receipt. We therefore are needing to Post a General Journal to the general ledger to fix the variance in what we should see and what's been missed.
We know we could post a value in the General Journal and post it, however we want this to be done for each customer. This will mean reports like Sales Statistics Report (112) will show the values we expect.

How can this be achieved?


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    HannesHolstHannesHolst Member Posts: 119

    Purchase Receipts are for Vendors only.
    On Customer-side, you can work with Warehouse Receipts, for example when handling a Sales Return.

    To get your figures right, you could go through each Customer and calculate the difference manually.
    Or you could ask your NAV-partner to build you a bespoke report which calculates the difference and creates a journal entry automatically.
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