Cannot print as system account user

CrispyCrispy Member Posts: 2
edited 2007-08-28 in Navision Financials
The following error message appears each time I try to print a report when starting the Navision 2.60 Client as a system account user (Windows NT).

Error message: "Cannot print to winspool for printer X"

Actually, I'm doing this because I want to print a report through the scheduler of Windows NT.

Printing something from another program as a system account user works pretty fine! :-k


  • najjanajja Member Posts: 67
    I was searching this forum when I got stuck with printing via NASand found this posting which is dated in 2005. I was lucky to solve it myself by giving "Full Permission" to the system account user to the file "winspool.drv" which can be located in the system32 folder "C:\windows\system32\"


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