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Hello everyone,

I have to export XML File with Attributs on Nodes. The Attributs must have a prefix. How can this be achieved in Navision XMLport?

Navision won't let me put prefix in Attirbute in Designer, can I do a workaround by renaming Nodename, Datasource or by altering due C/AL code to set up a prefix?

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    TModestTModest Member Posts: 6
    Usually you use Nodes to connect with record tables which obrigatory demands that stay that way. However you can attribute a text (node element), the difficulty in this process is that you have to filter the table that you are after in one of the import or export methods (depends of the issue that you are after).
    Once you acept the text element, you can simply attribute through code what you want as a prefix.
    I can almost garanty that using codeunit xml dom management (C6224) won't give you a straight answer. I sugest using a codunit and xml pair for the development. That way you can say the rules and have more "freedoom" in altering the data that you want to show.
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