Can the use of memory of a middle tier be limited

HannoniemHannoniem Member Posts: 2
We set up a NAV database with a growing amount of companies.
All companies need a middle tier running a NAS service. Most of them have very little work to do. Still all of them use about 300 Mb after running some time. Since they are ran in Azure, this means considarable cost over time.
So I wonder if someone knows whether it is possible to decrease the amount of memory used somehow. We are currenly using NAV 2016, but I'm also interested if this would be possible in a later (or future) version.


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    HannoniemHannoniem Member Posts: 2
    Hi Pleachim,

    Thanks for you answer, although it's not what I hoped for. Maybe we'll try that using changing company within the called codeunit. Disadvantage of a solution like that being that you cannot stop a NAS for just one company. And some ar heavily used. Maybe a mixed solution would work here. Thanks for taking the time answering my question.
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