[SOLVED in CU 7] Limited user can only write to 2 tables (not 3) because of Job Queue Entry

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Hi Guys,

Can anyone confirm/infirm testing limited user license and getting 3 tables in NAV 2017 ?
I know it sounds stupid, but that's my last chance :).
The debugger is not very helpfull and with some triggers in CU 1, based on the Change Log, I get only 2 tables.

I understand the Count is per session, but the only thing I'm doing is to open the client and click on an action from a dummy role center page.
The action will do 3 inserts and it fails.


  • xStepaxStepa Posts: 81Member
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    Hi, it seems, that you are modifing more tables than you expect - it could be somethnig during start of NAV. For counting of tables try the permissions recorder - you will see all the accesses (except the ones when NAV starts).

    for example here:
  • iSadiSad Posts: 4Member
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    hi @xStepa. Seems like a reasonable conclusion but that is not yet proven to be true :)
    So far I got to a strange point where the line in the middle fails. Codeunit 5000 does 3 modifications.
    If this is logical in any way ...

    You might say that WRITEPERMISSION might actually write and consume 1 licensed table.
    That is also false, if I try with my own tables.

  • xStepaxStepa Posts: 81Member
    I don't think that the permission check consumes any licensed tables and I don't know whats in your codeunit, so just last few hints:
    • as I see from the name of the function, you may call the CreateTask function - this also consumes a table
    • maybe you are trying to modify a prohibited table (like G/L Entry)
    • maybe there is another functionality OnLoginStart before your functions

    Try to post your cu50000 ...
  • iSadiSad Posts: 4Member
    FIXED. It is a bug from MS. They fixed it in NAV 2017 CU 7:
    So, somehow WRITEPERMISSION consumes a license table for a limited user. That's the conclusion.

    CU 7 issues that solves it:
    213221 A job queue entry is always retained for a limited user when you open a company.
    COD 455
    All the thanks are appreciated :)
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