Sales Invoice post and Prices Including VAT

hzThzT Posts: 1Member
Hi Dears,

I've just started to get know dynamics nav 2015 (we are in an upgrade project from 4.0). I realized that I can not post a sales invoice while the Prices Including VAT field in the header is yes, because I am getting the error message:

Prices Including VAT must be equal to 'No' in Sales Header: Document Type=Invoice, No.=VI00032. Current value is 'Yes'.

Is it serious? :) Is it a way to enable the posting with Prices Including VAT yes? I've searched for the net on this issue, but I didn't find it.

Thanks for any help



  • allenyyzhouallenyyzhou Posts: 139Member
    Hi hzT

    Have not get that kind of error before, maybe it is a customization?
    Anyway, if you can debug, that is the fastest way to get the reason and fix the solution.
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