NAV2017 Items that are "Assemble to Order"

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I have created an Item which is an "Assemble to Order". When I post the shipment it decrements the components, which is what I expect. However when I post a Sales Credit Memo for the same Item, it Increments the Assy Item # and not the components. Since it is an "Assemble to Order", why wouldn't the Sales Credit Memo return the components since I don't stock the top level Item#?

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    Yes, there is no disassembly.
    Sometimes it makes sense, you can’t unbake a cake.

    But you could easily code this.
    Use the journal and ad the item twice. One negative and one positive, and then explode the positive, and post. Build this into credit memo posting routine.
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    When you post shipment you don't ship individual components, you are actually shipping the item which has been just build/assembled for you on the fly. NAV creates and posts in the background an Assembly Order, which is decreasing components inventory and increased the item inventory level, and then posting shipment takes the item from inventory.

    Sales Credit Memo, (or rather Return) deals just with the item, it brings it back to the inventory, but it does not "unassembly" it into components.

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  • jlyankiejlyankie Posts: 22Member
    Yes - however I do remember when we were using Kitting vs Assemblies we could un-assemble an item that was kitted.

    Does that mean in NAV 2017 - it would require an Inventory Adjustment to correct the Assembly Item (negative) and a positive adjustment to the components? Or is there an existing process to address this?
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