Invalid format of GUID string. Dynamics CRM Integration of Products

TomigsTomigs Posts: 47Member
Hi all,

Since some time now, our automatic integration between NAV (2016) and CRM (native integration) is not working properly. It syncs the CRM Products with the NAV Items.

We have it automated through a job queue, and we get the following error after around 40 hours of processing:

Invalid format of GUID string. The correct format of the GUID string is:
where 0-9, A-F symbolizes hexadecimal digits.

It does not leave any clue on what product/item no is erroring, and the debugger does not stop either.

My guess is that there is a GUID field in some of the tables related to the CRM Products (could be in the CRM UOM, CRM Productpricelevel, in the CRM Products itself...) that has wrong data on it.

Any clue on how can I identify what is the product causing the error?

I have tried transferring all the GUID fields from the CRM Product table to table, just to test it, but all seem to be transferred ok.

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