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YuryYury Posts: 59Member
Hello everybody!
You know, that NAV has Record Links, Incoming Documents, BLOB fields to store any binary files (Excel, Word, CSV, etc.) or links to URL or common network files. It's great and widely used.
Our purpose was to store all external attachments in db, but not in production, in additional, only for files. In production db we have only links from any record to external db, where binary data is stored. I've done it with additional SQL database and some functions from NAV.
Is the anybody have experience with the similar task? May be there exist some interesting in-box solutions, which I missed.
Thanks in advance!

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  • JuhlJuhl Posts: 523Member
    Azure Blob Storage
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  • YuryYury Posts: 59Member
    Juhl wrote: »
    Azure Blob Storage

    Thanks for the idea, Juhl, but I forgot to mention, that it should not be cloud solution.
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