Different Font Types with Report.SAVEASWORD

fve1fve1 Posts: 5Member

I have a customer that wants to print the Sales Quote to Word.
He has a lot of conditional parts in the reports, so a Word Template isn't working.

I created a Sales Quote report with RDLC layout.
In a codeunit I have used Report.SAVEASWORD.

This works fine however, when he opens the Word Document, it has a mix of Font types.
The tables generated by the report design contain the Font Type we want (Segoe UI), but the lines between the generated tables, and the default Font type of the document (Style) is set to Times New Roman.

I have tried to adjust the Normal.dot of the customer, but without any result.
New documents that are created manually do use the adjusted Normal.dot, but it seems that Navision uses it's own Normal.dot when using Report.SAVEASWORD?

Customer is using NAV2016 (CU9), and Microsoft Office 2010.

Is there anyone who encountered the same problem, and (more importantly) is there anyone who knows a solution for this?
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