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armelaarmela Posts: 13Member
Hello everyone.
I made a small change to the sales invoice report to print the company logo and address based of the dimension code.
Works great when printing one posted invoices, however if I print on batch mode (IE all invoices for a certain date) it does not refresh the logo. It refreshes the address and phone number fields, however the logo is from the first invoice number. Any ideas ???
I am using standard NAV logic, except instead of using company record, I am suing the dimension value ( and custom fields I have added to the table).
FYI, customer is running NAV 2013.
I did the same thing for another client in NAV 2017 and it works great.
Does anyone know of any issues with NAV 2013 ?



  • JuhlJuhl Posts: 523Member
    Header is NOT updated, you have to use get/set code, like address fields, and the logo needs to be in the header dataitem.
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  • BlackTigerBlackTiger Posts: 1,098Member
    Probably you've placed your code in wrong place.
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