Web Client keyboard input in Customer and Vendor Card lagging....

Lars_WestmanLars_Westman Posts: 114Member
Here's a strange one...

The server is 2017 CU10. Everything is just fine except trying to type text in customer and vendor card using the web client. It's veeery slow and many characters are not even catched.

I think I know the reason, but I don't understand the root cause. If I use Fiddler to see what's going on between my client and the server I can see that when opening the customer card there's a constand flood of network calls from the client and it never stops. It keeps hammering on like crazy! The same thing with the vendor card. E.g. the contact card and item card does not suffer from this and keyboard input works just fine there.

Any ideas out there?


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    Have you tried debug in the browser? Click on F12 on your browser. and click on the network tab. You should see the code that is communicating between the browser and the IIS. Could be a bad java script that is causing it.
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  • Lars_WestmanLars_Westman Posts: 114Member
    Yes. It's a Java script

    Content-Type: application/json
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    The problem on the customer card is in the part PriceAndLineDisc. It's a sub page (1345) and in that page there are functions LoadCustomer which calls LoadDataForCustomer. As soon as I make sure that functions don't execute it's all good.

    For now I'll just remove the sub page since it have Visible=FoundationOnly and this is on-prem and we never see those sub pages anyway.

    On the vendor card the issue is in the workflow status sub page. That seems to be fixed in CU11 I found that the same problem is all over the place. Not just these two cards.
  • raulientesraulientes Posts: 1Member
    Hi Lars,

    We have just had same issue in one of our Nav customers, we were able to write data via Nav windows client, but when trying to do it on the Web Client, we weren´t able to write info within the vendor, customer, job and many other nav pages. Once we have upgraded from Nav 2017 CU10 to Nav 2017 CU11 everything works again like a charm!!
    We have only copied the service, role tailored client and web client files from CU11nav dvd folders into the ones with Cu10, I mean, we didn´t upgrde nav objects, just exe folders.
    What I can´t explain is why from one day to the next one nav web client is pesenting that major issue, we didn´t touch anything on the installation and neither nav objects...Does anybody knows why this has happened?

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