permission on Table data [TableName] -> [TableID]

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Hello guys,
Maybe you'll be able to help me. I have an idea but I'm not sure if it's possible to do smth. So as you all know, for setting the right user permissions, MS Dynamics NAV throws the error: "You do not have the following permission on Tabledata [TableName]: R/M/I/D; Is it possible that instead of TableName (or next to it) there would be written TableID?
For example: You do not have the following permission on Tabledata 5766 Warehouse Activity Header: Insert;

Any ideas how to succeed?

Thank you in advance :)


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    No chance, I'm afraid.

    The error messages generally come from fin.etx file, but 1) the file is protected by some sort of checksum and you cannot modify it 2) even if you could modify the fin.etx in part of the error is hardcoded inside the nav executable.

    In your particular example the error is concatenated from two parts, and the table name is supplied by the code inside the NAV binaries.

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