Sorting on Var Value in List Page

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Hello eyeryone,

following issue:

I added a Field to a Table. The Value is calculated by OnAfterGetRecord-Trigger in List Page. Now when sorting on the Coloumn of this Field in List Navision shows a different amount of Records in the List Page.

Navision 2015 Demo Database.
Table Vendor extended by Integer Variable.
Function in Table Vendor to assign Value to Variable.

Function gets Called in OnAfterGetRecord-Trigger on Vendor List Page.



Can I fix this?

Work around disabling sorting on whole List is possible - is this possible only for Variable Coloumn?

Kind Regards


  • Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Posts: 1,454Member

    There was no need to add an extra field in Vendor table. All you need is a global variable on the Page, this variable needs to be used in SourceExp in the column, and its value needs to be calculated in OnAfterGetRecord - that's it. NAV will not let you to sort using that column.

    Slawek Guzek
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  • DanielFDanielF Posts: 17Member
    Hi Slawek_Guzek,

    thanks for your reply. Yes I was wrong - I changed to Var on Page.

    Kind Regards
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