Navision Relationship management - Alert in Outlook

Andyman79Andyman79 Member Posts: 2
When I use Navision Relationship Management to send e-mails to contacts in a segment, there is a Outlook alert/pop-up that asks if it is Ok that another program sends e-mails through Outlook.
If you are going to send 100 e-mails, it is very annoying to have to answer this question for each e-mail/contact.
Is it anybody who knows a way to get around this problem, or turn the alert off?

I would appreciate if anybody can help me with this..


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    SaalekSaalek Member Posts: 181
    Hi Andyman79

    There is an Outlook security patch to resolve this problem. It is in Office resource Kit CD.

    With this patch, you can configure an security template.

    I tried this patch with Exchange and outlook 2003 clients and it works fine.

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