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tentacletentacle Member Posts: 27

I hope someone can help me with my question:

Lets assume there is one company with offices in 3 countries. All in all the company needs about 50 concurrent users.

For security reasons this company wants to have a backup server for navision, so if the main server fails they just switch to the backup server and continue working.

How many License do they need? 1 or 2? Very often licenses of Microsoft products are bound to one machine - so in this case they must buy 2?

Can anyone help me here or give a link to a website with this kind of information?

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    ovicashovicash Member Posts: 141
    From my knoledge I belive only one license in necessary.
    edit: sorry..no link

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    Denis_PetrovDenis_Petrov Member Posts: 107
    if a backup server is not active (and why should it be?) then you need 1 license only. If the main fails then the back up kicks in and the license on this one will be activated automatically.

    we have a different approach with 8 drives on the same server = 4x2
    in case one hard drive fails the other one picks up automatically.
    Best regards,

    Denis Petrov.
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